Modular architecture

Are you looking for a high-performance and scalable solution for presenting your 3D city models, oblique imagery, point clouds and 2D maps integrated in one application on the web?


The virtualcityPUBLISHER is our solution to publish your geodata on the web. The virtualcityPUBLISHER can be extended by add-ons in a modular way. Besides add-ons for specific geodata such as oblique imagery and point clouds, we also offer application modules such as our virtualcityWAREHOUSE and virtualcityPLANNER that allow for building domain-specific applications on top of the 3D web maps.

Point Cloud Add-on

The Pointcloud add-on of the virtualcityPUBLISHER allows to prepare massive point clouds for web-based visualization. It is developed in cooperation with our partner Point Cloud Technologies (PCT) from Potsdam, Germany. Using the PCT Technology it is possible to process point clouds of any size and to seamlessly stream them in a web browser.

Oblique Add-on

The Oblique add-on of the virtualcityPUBLISHER processes oblique imagery for fast web viewing and enables client-side measurements directly in the oblique images. The measurement feature requires a terrain model and the camera parameters of the images as additional data sources.


The virtualcityPLANNER module adds support for integrating urban planning scenarios in the 3D web maps. Users can upload and place 3D models into virtual urban space, and may hide existing buildings. Once a planning scenario has been created, the tool offers the fine-grained management of access rights; a user can decide if and with whom to share the planning. With the virtualcityPLANNER, we offer a rich application for the collaborative use of 3D city models in urban planning.


The virtualcityWAREHOUSE module is based on the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) from Safe Software. Its rich functionality enables users to extract, convert and distribute 3D geodata from our virtualcityDATABASE into different target data formats. The virtualcityWAREHOUSE is well suited to bring your 3D geodata into use, for instance, by building an internal data distribution platform or a public download portal on the web.