Cloud-based hosting of massive geodata

Are you looking for a high-performance, flexible and scalable plugin-free web mapping solution for your geospatial data? Efficient web presentation for 3D city models, oblique images and point clouds to the Internet or Intranet? Get easily on demand access to your data with our virtualcityMAP technology.

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High-performance web visualisation

  • CityGML Objects (like Buildings, Bridges or Trees)
  • LiDAR Point Clouds
  • Digital Elevation model
  • Raster data 
  • Web Map Services (WMS)
  • Web Feature Services (WFS)

Web mapping on all devices

  • WebGL solution
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Users

Additional Features

  • High-performance visualisiation of 2D and 3D geodata
  • Oblique aerial images with measurement functionality
  • Displaying massive point clouds (e.g. LiDAR)
  • Layer selection
  • Creating Custom View Points
  • Integration of external WMS, WFS services
  • PDF Print and Share link
  • Object shadows
  • Unlimited number of users

3D city models, massive pointclouds and oblique imagery can be published seamlessly on the internet with the virtualcityCLOUD solution. This technology is based on the virtualcityMAP and offers performant data-streaming on all modern devices. Besides the extensive out-of-the-box functionality, optional modules can be implemented for specific applications.


The design, as well as the functionality of the 3D web application is coordinated in close corporation with the client. Our services span from the processing of geodata and the setup of the 3D web application to the GUI design and definition of copyright and imprint information. 

Additionally, aerial imagery, map data, WMS/WFS services and address information can be integrated in the virtualcityCLOUD. Resulting in an all-round 3D web application incorporating all available geodata and services. Standard functionality includes: 2D and 3D measurement, (city model) object selection with attribute information, PDF creation and URL links to current viewpoint and map settings.


Combined with the virtualcityWAREHOUSE, web applications can be built for the automatic conversion and export of geodata in different file-formats. For the creation and presentation of urban planning scenarios our newly developed virtualcityPLANNER can be used.